Display your business in motion

through eye catching videography.



Video can open your business to a new audience, or convey a message quickly. They can be a perfect opportunity to showcase your business. Whether it be an overview of your business, recap of an event, discussing a service you provide, or more, Bizzybee Marketing can help.

Our Video services vary based on what you want or need. We can cover filming, editing, even planning and scripting. When you are ready to discuss utilizing our video services, be sure to contact us. We can discuss the vision you have for the video(s) in order to create a video that best suits your wants and needs.

If you aren’t sure what you want for a video, let us know! We bring various video ideas to the table to make your planning process stress-free.


If you have a fresh idea for a video you’d like done for your company, we can help! From commercials, to interviews, to something as simple as a video for your business to post on social media or youtube, we can help. To begin, we will discuss your wants and idea(s). We will then utilize these to brainstorm the best way to proceed.

We can brainstorm to come up with different videos ideas to pitch to you. Once we have an idea chosen, we will begin the scripting process if necessary. We will then begin planning the clips and storyboarding the video.

Once the video is completely planned, and the beginning steps are approved, we can begin the production process. This will include meeting at a set of your choosing, filming, and then post-production video editing. We make sure the process is as easy as possible for you and in return you will get a video you love that properly showcases your idea.


Have you taken video or someone has taken video for you, but you aren’t sure how to put it together? We are professionals at video editing and can help make your vision a reality. Whether it be a video for you to post on Youtube, a video to represent your business, or a video for your Facebook page, we can help you!

When you contact us, we can discuss the clips you have and what you would like them used for. We will then come up with ways to compile your video clips in a way that provides a cohesive flow and remains on topic for the video at hand.

We are able to adjust audio, create subtitles, include effects, and create an overall flow to your clips that they wouldn’t have separate.

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