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Websites are a go-to directory for valuable information on your business and can assist immensely in your growth. What’s even more important than just having a website, is making sure you have one that is able to draw consumers in and keep their attention. Bizzybee Marketing makes quality responsive WordPress sites, giving an aesthetic appearance that remains on brand with your business.

When working with Bizzybee Marketing for your web design needs, we want to make your website fully envelope not just your brand, but the entire feel of your business. We want people to feel who you are through the screen. Your website will be personal to who you are.

We highly recommend the website design service for companies who are currently developing their brand, rebranding, or that simply lack a website already.

A variety of devices allow users to view your website. When a website isn’t responsive, it can drive away mobile users. At Bizzybee Marketing, we pride ourselves in designing fully responsive websites that are optimized for view no matter the device used.

If your company doesn’t have a website, you already have a huge set back. Without a website, you become extremely limited to the amount of people who are going to be viewing your business digitally. Why should you allow yourself to be limited when we can help expand your reach as soon as possible?

We will make sure your website is attractive to viewers, easy to read and comprehend navigation, and that it is responsive on different devices and optimized prior to launch. Don’t hide under a rock. Let Bizzybee Marketing help you get your digital start so you can get ahead in a digital world.


Whether you are having a new site created, or we are redesigning an existing site, content development is an important part of the process. This is a service we strongly offer to people who either don’t have existing site content for us to work with, or they don’t like writing their own content.

What does this require from you? We will need a small bit of guidance to get that snowball rolling. Brief information on a service can go a long way in describing the full scale of what that service may offer. Giving us a timeline of your business’s history can help us tell your story. The last thing we would want is to develop site content that is untrue or inconsistent to your business.


Much like people, websites age over time. With the consistent growth of the online world, new standards are developed on a daily basis. To keep your business relevant, it is important to make sure your website remains relevant.

With a Website Redesign from Bizzybee Marketing, we make sure to develop a site that not only meets today’s standards, but one that ages well so you can be comfortable knowing your site won’t have to be redone a year from now.


Does My Website Need an Upgrade?

Is your website outdated? Does it need a new style? Could it run better with simple upgrades? Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us about your website. We can offer a full evaluation of your site as far as content, imagery, appearance, SEO, and more to tell you if there are any upgrades that may benefit you and your website


What’s the


The first thing we will work with you to decide on is if you need a brand new website or a redesign on your existing website. Once that is decided, we then move on to figuring out what your website will need. What style are we looking for? Will there be multiple pages? Will it be a one-page site?

Once we are ready to get started on your website, we will take any content we have an begin getting the pages together. You will receive updates throughout the process of completion, allow you to chime in with any changes you’d like, any additions you’d like, etc. We will then begin implementing those requests to your website before allow you to review again.

Upon completion of the site, we make sure it is ready for launch. If you have opted in for our Search Engine Optimization services, we will run through and add those in. Content is double checked to make sure everything is perfect for your launch. We also perform any necessary troubleshooting.

Once your site goes live, the finishing work begins. We create a mockup of your site to promote it on your social media. We also create a user manual to help you navigate through the back-end of your new website with ease, allowing you to make any changes. Unless of course, you’d like us to make your future changes, which we happily will!


Available Add-Ons

Maximize your website’s capabilities with Bizzybee Marketing’s Website Add-Ons. If you want us to expand how we can build your site, we will often recommend our  Search Engine Optimization and Directory Listing services to add-on to the Web Design & Development services you opt in for.


Search Engine Optimization is a weekly service with monthly reporting. We have various packages available for you to choose from, include Site Cleanup, Directory Listings, Health & Security, and Business SEO. Ask about this add-on!


Our Directory Listing services is an extension of SEO. Index your website across over 150 website directories, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, and more! Whether you have one location, or several, your information should be up to date.

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