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Branding is the first step of figuring out and establishing the look and feel you want for your business. From things as small as figuring out a cohesive color scheme, to designing the basics of your marketing material, Bizzybee Marketing is here to aid you.

Your company’s branding is the first thing that will set you out from competitors. It communicates to your current or potential clientele the look and feeling of your business. Solid branding will help you to stand out more, and should be targeted towards appealing to the audience of your business or the services you provide.

Starting Fresh vs. Rebranding

The current state of the branding of your business will help us help you determine if you need to completely start fresh, or if you just need to revamp your look with a rebrand of your current materials.

For companies that are newly up and coming and still in development, it is always a good idea to start your branding fresh from the start. Bizzybee Marketing can aid you in figuring out the feeling you want your branding to perceive.

If your company has yet to develop solid branding, we can help you take the first step in the direction of branding development.


Your color scheme is extremely important as it reflects in almost all of the branding you have. Whichever colors you choose need to now only flow together, but they need to convey the feel you want your business to have. Certain colors can convey different messages to those who see them, so it is valuable to make sure the color scheme your company receives not only is appealing, but conveys feeling properly.


Logo design is the base of building a unique company image. For many, your logo may be the first impression you make on a potential customer or client. When you choose Bizzybee Marketing, we strive to reflect who you are while ensuring the impression you make helps reel people into your business, encouraging them to learn more. We can ensure you will get a logo that not only fulfills your needs, but your wants as well.


When you’re encouraging someone to take interest in your business and you hand over your business card it needs to wow them. This is another thing that can make or break whether they decide to do business with you. Bizzybee Marketing doesn’t just design business cards. We make them feel like you. We provide various options as far as shape and size go, and we can even add elements like Spot UV or Gold Foil to add depth and texture to your business card. We understand small details go a long way, and with a piece of stationary as valuable as a business card, we are assured to help you make a solid impression.


Even when you send out something as simple as a letter, you need to reflect your businesses brand. We design letterheads not just for beauty, but for function. We take into account details and layout to ensure you are able to get ease of use out of your letterhead. This piece of stationary can be such a simple addition to your branding. With Bizzybee Marketing, your letterhead will reflect your brand in an aesthetically pleasing way to help you make a statement with every piece of mail you send out.

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